Parodies in movies- are they good or bad?

Parody is the subgenre of Comedy. Parody movies actually make fun of the existing popular movies. These kinds of movies were once popular, but presently, the popularity of these movies is fainting. Sometimes, the exaggeration in these movies, make the viewers feel annoyed and bored. Some old parody movies are popular even today. Parody is always a challenge to the makers, as the makers will be imitating a popular film. The viewers try to connect the every scene in this new movie to the scenes in the existing movie; and, if don’t see the connection, then viewers may not like it at all.
Some of the best parody movies are Airplane!, Scary Movie, Spaceballs, Hot Shots!, Top Secret, etc. If you like this subgenre too, then you can watch these movies online without downloading them on YesMovies. To watch movies on these sites, you don’t have to do anything big. Internet connection with good speed is all it asks for; and, if you have it, you can watch movies online, whenever you want.

Like said earlier, parody movies are good up to an extent only, certain imitations in these movies are intolerable. Vampires Suck is one of the most unacceptable parodies made on Twilight Series. I may not be the fan of Twilight Series, but can certainly say that Vampires Suck was a disaster, may it be the imitations, or the expressions on those characters’ face. Teasing went to a different level in this movie, which made the viewers puke.

Good parody movies are those movies that imitate the original movie, but in a sensible way with sensible jokes. Many remember the parody Top Secret, even today, because every scene in that movie brings a smile on the viewer’s face, with the subtle humor. Johnny English Reborn is also a good parody (some may not like it). Rowan Atkinson will make us laugh in every scene with his vague expressions. If you haven’t tried a parody so far, good parody movies are worth a shot.